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Furnace Lethbridge

Furnace Lethbridge

Do you have an old furnace you’d like to replace? Perhaps you’re shopping for a furnace for the first time? Getting the right heating unit ensures your home is warm and cozy when it’s freezing outside. To get the ideal furnace, it’s important to consider the various factors that affect how well it works. Also, keep in mind the installation and operation costs of your furnace of choice. There are different kinds of furnaces available in a range of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that suits your house and preferences.

At 4 Seasons Home Comfort, we can guide you in selecting the perfect furnace in Lethbridge for your needs. We also offer the finest installation, maintenance, and repair services for furnaces from various top manufacturers.

How to Choose a Furnace in Lethbridge

Below are factors to consider when looking for a furnace to ensure you get the right one:

  1. Furnace Size

A furnace that’s too small will not heat your house efficiently, and neither will one that’s too big as it will use too much energy, inflating your energy bills. Thus, it’s essential to find the right furnace size to make sure you get sufficient heating without incurring unnecessary costs. An estimator can inspect your space and components like insulation and ceiling height to determine the furnace size that’s ideal for your house.

  1. Fuel Source

The fuel sources used in furnaces are electric, natural gas, oil, and propane. Gas is readily available, clean, and more economical compared to the other types of fuels. If your house isn't connected to a natural gas line, you can use refillable propane tanks to fuel your furnace.

Oil furnaces are cheaper to buy and set up than gas options, but they’re not as efficient. The cheapest option is an electric furnace. But in terms of operation, you’ll end up paying more for electricity than you will for gas in the long run. So, choose the fuel type you feel is most convenient for you in terms of efficiency, cost, and availability.

  1. Single-Stage Vs. Two-Stage Vs. Variable Speed

Furnaces are available as single-stage, two-stage, or variable speed units. A single-stage system gives a high heat output throughout and can be inconvenient when you need heating in the house; however, not at the maximum temperature produced by the furnace.

Two-stage units have two settings, enabling them to run at full capacity and a lower heat output. Variable speed furnaces are more versatile as their fans move at different speeds to control the dispersion of heated air into the house. The more versatile a furnace is, the higher its purchase cost, but it’s cheaper to operate since it’s more energy efficient.

  1. Fuel Efficiency Rating

Always check the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of a furnace. The higher it is, the less energy it uses to produce heat. An AFUE rating of above 90 percent comes highly recommended. That said, keep in mind other operation costs before picking a furnace based solely on its AFUE rating.

Furnace Experts You Can Trust

Finding the right furnace in Lethbridge means long-term comfort for you and your family. At 4 Seasons Home Comfort, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners find the ideal furnace for their houses, and we can assist you too. Contact us today for all your furnace needs: (403) 320-9884.

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