AC Repair in Northwest Arkansas

AC Repair in Northwest Arkansas

Not everybody is an expert when it comes to HVAC diagnosis, but when you start getting the feeling your unit could be functioning better, it’s time to schedule an AC repair in Northwest Arkansas

Maintaining the ideal temperature in our home is essential to create a comfortable environment, reason why having an air conditioner that works perfectly is vital. After reading, we encourage you to reach out us, as we are regarded as one of the greatest AC installation companies in Northwest Arkansas.

Luckily for you, our team of professionals in air conditioning services has developed a quick guide for you to do the diagnosis by yourself. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts, as they are the ones who will recommend the best path towards getting the full potential of your HVAC system.

Why is my unit starting to fail?

With constant use, the passage of time, defects in the AC installation service, most HVAC units may start experiencing breakdowns. This will affect not only the amount of cold air expelled into the room, but also present problems with odors, excess moisture in the room, and even an excessive increase in the electricity bill.

Although many of these problems can be avoided by performing constant maintenance, once these signs begin to appear, you should not hesitate to call a service technician on heating and air conditioning in Northwest Arkansas. 

Symptoms that your air conditioner may need maintenance 

Low air flow

The flow of cold air is part of the factors that influence whether your air conditioner is working efficiently or not. If recently you have noticed that this has decreased progressively or from one day to another, this may be a sign that something inside the air conditioner is not working properly.

Among the factors that can cause the airflow to drop so that there is not enough cool air in the room are:

  • Dirty filters.
  • Poorly installed or designed air ducts.
  • Problems with the motor that drives the turbine.
  • Dirty evaporator.
  • Defective turbine or fan.

Problems related to dirty filters can be solved without professional help, however, to know the exact diagnosis of the problem, it is best to call an air conditioning service technician.

Lack of cooling power

This situation usually depends on many factors. Among the most common problems are:

  • Lack of refrigerant gas.
  • The compressor does not turn on.
  • Strange odors.

The smell of drainage or mold is usually a characteristic in cases where the air conditioner is dirty, and if this dirt is sitting in the internal ducts, we will perceive these odors in the room.

This problem is usually associated with the cleanliness of the filters, as these are not cleaned are often saturated, generating that little by little that dirt will go inside the air conditioner, which combined with moisture and water droplets from condensation, produce mold.

This is a problem that is usually avoided with constant cleaning of air filters. Otherwise, you should request an air conditioning maintenance service, in order to carry out an efficient cleaning and maintenance.

Humidity in the rooms

Moisture is usually an annoying problem. Entering a room that is wet due to excessive condensation is a clear sign that you need to repair your air conditioner. The possible causes for this problem usually are:

  • The capacity of the air conditioner is higher than necessary for the room.
  • Hot air entering the room
  • Problems with the air conditioner's condensation system.

If you found any of the aforementioned problems with your AC unit, contact our team in NW Arkansas for the greatest AC installation services in the area. To learn more about our financing options:

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